There are 2 Cage models :

LAGON, the beginner’s wing

PARADIGME, the performance model.

The new Paradigme 3 brings a new geometric design on the cate frame.


The SEAGULL (that you may find in the ads) was designed in 2001 for beginners in the windy sites of Wales, but is not produced anymore, following the avian flu and the almost diseappearance of schools.

What do they look like ?

ModelLagon 2Paradigme 3
Flat surface (m²)24,52729,5332528303234
Flat wing span (m)11,312,213,113,611,312,61313,413,8
Aspect ratio (flat)5,25,65,65,65,65,65,65,65,6
Envergure projetée (m)NCNCNCNC1010,6611NC11,75
Total flying weight (kg)60-8575-10590-125110-15065-9080-11095-125110-145125-165

In flight the colour pattern on the wing help to differentiate them.

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