La Cage

To create a soaring aircraft which has the qualities of piloting of a   hang glider, performance, precision, elegance; and which, folded up, can be carried in a backpack, like a paraglider, could seem impossible.

It is, however, exactly this achievement which was managed by Jean-Louis Darlet in creating la CAGE.

The most visible component of the paraglider, the sail, has been retained but   certain aspects and mechanics of piloting this sail have been changed. La Cage has no brakes, accelerator or trims….
 From the deltawing (Hang Glider ) the Cage inherits the principle of   piloting by direct control of the attitude of the wing, in Pitch   as well as in Roll ; but only the principle, since the sail is not attached rigidly to a control bar.
 From those two ideas  was born an original aircraft (which is not a hang-glider or a para-glider and thus requires a  specific training) which  both a very fine control of the attitude of his wing, and thus the benefit of exceptional flight characteristics, and an active   security.

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